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    What is a thread?

    A ‘thread’ is another word for a discussion or conversation. Here on our forum, each new topic of conversation is known as a thread. When posting a reply to a thread make sure it is relevant.

    How can I search the forums and posts?

    Once you are logged in you will see the search box at the top right hand side of every page.

    How do I post a new comment or reply to someone else’s conversation?

    To post a comment or ask a question you must first be a member. Creating an account is free and you can sign-up by clicking the sign-up button.

    Once you are logged in you can make a post like this:

    1) Find the forum you would like to post in. For example, you may want to say hello first and introduce yourself in the Just signed up? Say hello here! forum

    2) Once you have clicked the link to go to the forum section you want to post in, you will see a button at the top called "post new thread". You need to click on this button to begin a new thread (in other words a "new conversation").

    3) If you would like to reply to other people's posts, click on their post and you will find a "Post Reply" button at the bottom. Click on this to post a reply.

    What is an avatar, and how do I choose my own display picture (avatar)?

    Your avatar is a little image that appears right beside your user name. This is a public image that goes beside every post you make. You can upload one from your computer.

    To choose your avatar go to Settings > Edit Avatar

    How do I change my email address or password?

    You can do this by going to Settings > Edit Email & Password

    Please make sure you have a valid email address as you will need it do receive private message and post notifications, as well as to retrieve your password and make changes to your account.Your email is private and is not shared with anyone on the forum, unless you email them yourself.
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