Feeling Helpless After the Election?

Discussion in 'Personal Growth and Wellness Guide' started by ginastetsko, Nov 14, 2016.

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    A family member who is a Trump supported teased me with the statement, "It's hard to deal with helplessness, isn't it?" My response was "not at all, I have a plan". That plan is to use my heart and inner light to fight the darkness of the Trump team and supporters.

    Donate to organizations not supported by Trump and his supporters
    Volunteer your services for those organizations
    Find ways to spread compassion and kindness

    We all want to make a difference. We cannot change the government but we can blunt its effect, just like Revolutionary War heroes. Gather friends together and help in any way possible. Touch people and they will touch your heart.

    This may be the best outcome of the entire disgusting election mess. Banning together for the common good.

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